The project

Self-portraits inspire by poems, dreams, and historical personages

ANABUITRONART is a photographic Project inspire on dreams, poems and historic personages. We créate photographic collections of high quality, plastique and artistic accompanied with descriptives texts inspired on dreams, feelings and words full of sensibility.

The photography as the narrative, have their own individuality, and have been created, from the inspiration and in conjunction shows proof of perfect harmony between both elements, developing into Works of art full of emotions, that offer the spectator the opportunity of living and understand better the work of art.

The whole collection is developed in creative surroundings, and completely islote from any other subject on circunstances that may distract the creative momento of the artista, that she value as her sacred space.

Ana Buitrón ART


The projectAna Buitrón

Ana Buitrón Art © 2018

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